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Airsteril air purifiers work 24 hours a day using a combination of air sterilising techniques to destroy bacteria in the air and on surfaces as unpleasant odours on your premises gives the impression of poor hygiene and can affect people’s view of your organisation. Our air purification systems can be used in nursing homes, food preparation areas, reception areas along with washrooms and do not mask odours but kill the source to ensure fresh-smelling premises. Several types of bacteria and viruses can be found in washrooms, reception areas and care homes, including flu viruses, salmonella, e coli, streptococcus and hepatitis A.

Air Steril Air Steriliser

Washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful Bacteria and Viruses. With every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal Micro-organisms into the air settling on washroom surfaces. Poor ventilation shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands all add to the hygiene problem.

Regular cleaning, disinfecting alone and use of masking agents cannot control the spread of Micro-organisms. In eight hours, a single Bacteria cell can multiply to over 8 million meaning odours prevail and health risks increase.

Air Steril uses 5 technologies to kill up to 98.11%* of Bacteria and Viruses found in the air and on exposed washroom surfaces.

The technique of photo-catalytic air purification has long been often used in areas such as medicine and industry. Previously, it was very expensive to produce that type of air freshener. AirSteril is pioneering new standards and now offers effective air cleaning, odour remediation and mould remediation in all appropriate areas, at a very advantageous cost.

With a coverage of up to 30m2, the 13w low energy units provide constant clean, fresh sanitised Washroon air. With no filters to change,and minimal maintenance, they provide a green solution that improves the Washroom hygiene and environment for all users.

The technology used in each unit can be adjusted to deal with varying levels of contamination.There is an optional debris protection system for higher pollution sites such as Airports and Train Stations and a low power Washroom unit for use in smaller facilities.

Air Steril Washroom Purifier


Air Steril Purifier


Key Benefits

    Air Steril Multipurpose Steriliser
  • Protects staff, visitors and other users
  • Clear embarrassing odours
  • Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses in the air and on surfaces
  • Reduce chemical usage
  • Dimensions W 140mm H 100mm L500mm
  • Improves the image of your organisation

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