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Baby Changing Room


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South west hygiene provide a range of products suitable for baby changing facilities from nappy bins to baby changing tables. When parents are out with their children and need to change baby’s nappy a public toilet or dedicated baby changing room are the only locations available. When there are no baby changing facilities provided trying to change a baby’s nappy can be inconvenient and unhygienic. Installing a baby changing station or other accessories demonstrates that your organization understands the need for parents to have convenient and hygienic baby changing facilities.

Nappy Disposal Units

Nappy Disposal Unit
  • Totally professional and discreet servicing
  • Regular or flexible service interval to suit your requirements
  • Units all conform to current legislation made from special plastic to prevent absorption of smell
  • Nappy bins available in various colours
  • Supplied by SWH free on loan


Nappy Disposal Unit

Nappy Vending Machine

Nappy Vending Machine

This vend supplies a complete baby changing kit.

  • Kit contains - Disposable nappy and disposal bag
  • Available with Bio disposable nappies
  • Battery operated
  • 2 Column machine

Baby Changing TableBaby Changing Table

  • An essential item in any parent and baby facility
  • A strong, Safe, Comfortable unit which folds flat to the washroom wall

Dimensions of Baby Changing Table


Aerosol Air Freshener

  • Fully programmable system to operate 24 hours a day or when the room is light or dark
  • Each aerosol refill reliably delivers 3,000 metered sprays
  • Choice of unique refreshing fragrance
  • Burst release for strong ‘hang’ time
  • Chemical resistant plastic casing
  • Easy aerosol replacement
  • Low battery indicator
  • Empty can indicator
Fragrance CanFragrance CanFragrance Can
    Air Freshener

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