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We have an ongoing commitment to maintaining the standards contained in ISO14001 that requires we continuously monitor our environmental management system to improve efficiency and manage our carbon resources more effectively. In accordance with this policy we have updated our accounts database so that in future invoices and statements will be automatically generated and despatched by email.

Many of our customers already have this facility and we are now completing the final stages to enable this to be applied in general. Could you therefore please provide us with your preferred email address for your accounts department to receive these documents electronically in future?

You can supply this information on one of three ways:-

1 Email your preferred address to

2 Call us on 01579 348999 and we will update our records with the information you give us.

An additional benefit is that in an industry facing increasing cost on all fronts sending invoices and statements by email will allow us significantly reduce our postal spend, thus allowing us to offset this saving against other unavoidable price increases imposed on us and enable us to continue to provide the cost effective service that you have come to expect.

11 March 2011

South West Hygiene are proud to announce that we are now ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.
ISO 9001 applies to the processes that create and control the products and services we supply and prescribes systematic control of activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of our customers are met.
ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact and shows we have put in place and are committed to an effective environmental management system.  Click the image for the full size certificate.

ISO 9001 CertificateISO 14001 Certificate

10 February 2011

South West Hygiene are proud to announce that we have now invested in electronic pen technology to record and report when we complete a service. The details, along with a signature for each service, are sent electronically to be kept on our database, and our customers can now receive a copy of this of this via email on each service carried out.

Read more about Digital Pen Technology for Service Records

Digital Pen for Service Records

9 February 2011

The South West Hygiene Blade Hand Dryer dries hands quickly and efficiently using bi-directional air jets.

See details of The South West Hygiene Blade Hand Dryer


South West Hygiene Hand Dryer

20 January 2011

The Ultraflow high speed hand dryer is avaialble in white only.

See details of the Ultraflow Hand Dryer

Ultraflow Hair Dryer

12 January 2011

The Velocity Hand Dryer range is now available - high speed engery saving and robust

See more information on Velocity Hand Dryers

Velocity Hand Dryer

8 September 2010

South West Hygiene introduces the HyScent - A ground-breaking odour control and air freshening device.

See full details of the HyScent Air Freshener


21 April 2008

South West Hygiene is proud to announce becoming the official distributor in the South West for the Veltia Hand dryer.

A fast drying economical hand dryer within a stylish design, the South West Hygiene Veltia Hand dryer offers reduced drying times and improved running costs.

Veltia Hand Dryer
  • Hand drying time around 10 – 15 Seconds
  • Fast drying without hot air
  • Energy consumption is reduced compared to standard hand dryers
  • Available in various colours including White, Cherry, Red, Green, Black, Blue & Aluminium Available Colours
Hand Dryer Operation

Efficient and Stylish

The South West Hygiene Veltia hand dryer uses the latest technology and offers energy efficiency along with a stylish design.

Veltia Washroom

Energy Saving

All you do is place your hands into the top of the hand dryer and a strong blast of air will efficiently & hygienically dry your hands.

Atlantic BlueWithout the need for a heating element energy consumption is reduced. An infrared sensor detects when hands are placed in the unit; After approximately 10 - 15 seconds your hands are dry, and then the dryer automatically switches off after 25 seconds.

Hygienic and WasteFree

Air microstreams at high speed, with more than 300 air nozzles it dry hands quickly and efficiently.

Water is captured in a tank within the unit, leaving washrooms hygienic and clean.

Veltia Logoclick here for a quote

18 April 2008

South West Hygiene is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Fearnley as the new Area Sales Manager for the Hampshire and Bournemouth area. Anna has many years of experience in the washroom Industry and is looking forward to expanding SWH customer base in Hampshire.

If you wish to contact Anna you can phone her on 07738 800173 or email her at




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