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Veltia Electric Hand Dryers


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A fast drying economical hand dryer within a stylish design, the South West Hygiene Veltia Hand dryer offers reduced drying times and improved running costs.

  • Hand drying time around 10 – 15 Seconds
  • Fast drying without hot air
  • Energy consumption is reduced compared to standard hand dryers
  • Available in various colours including White, Cherry, Red, Green, Black, Blue & Aluminium


Available Colours
Veltia Hand Dryer
Hand Dryer Operation

Efficient and Stylish

The South West Hygiene Veltia hand dryer uses the latest technology and offers energy efficiency along with a stylish design.

Veltia Washroom

Energy Saving

All you do is place your hands into the top of the hand dryer and a strong blast of air will efficiently & hygienically dry your hands.

Atlantic BlueWithout the need for a heating element energy consumption is reduced. An infrared sensor detects when hands are placed in the unit; After approximately 10 - 15 seconds your hands are dry, and then the dryer automatically switches off after 25 seconds.

Hygienic and WasteFree

Air microstreams at high speed, with more than 300 air nozzles it dry hands quickly and efficiently.

Water is captured in a tank within the unit, leaving washrooms hygienic and clean.

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