SWH team up with Bio-Productions

  1. Bio Productions

The Bio-P is our unique environmentally-friendly bacterial dispensing system, which cleans and deodorises the urinal trap while also preventing the build-up of uric-scale and solids that cause blockages. Supplied in an attractive dome cover and using a specially designed ‘spear’ to lock it into the trap, which can be conveniently fitted to almost every urinal without the need alter existing urinals or pipework, even those that have been adapted to accept other urinal sleeve systems which have then been removed, leaving an open hole.
The Bio-P dome cover has holes on the top to allow urine and water to wash over the Bio Block and take the pleasant citrus fragrance biological chemical which is slowly released into the urinal trap and pipes, cleaning and deodorising constantly. The rim is designed to prevent chewing-gum or other detritus entering the trap and causing blockages.
The Bio-P does not contain any harmful or dangerous chemicals, which makes the product particularly suitable for use in schools and public buildings such as hotels, pubs and restaurants. The units can be recycled after use, or replenished with a new Bio Block.
Installing a urinal water manager alongside the Bio-P delivers significant water savings of up to 80% by reducing the frequency of flushing required to four times a day, thus reducing water consumption which also reduces your company’s carbon footprint.
Use Bio-P in conjunction with Blu Away washroom cleaner and odour neutraliser, which is specially formulated to clean and maintain odour-free washroom environments to eradicate organic staining, odours and uric scale from contaminated washroom surfaces.