Water Manager Solutions

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      • Efficient Cost-Saving Washroom Solutions
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    Water Manager Solutions Overview

    • Our range of advanced water management solutions do exactly what they say on the tin, manage the water usage in your washroom. Water is an expensive commodity especially in large washrooms with multiple urinals and cisterns. In a traditional cistern / urinal system, the water must flow continuously. Our water managers ensure no water is wasted.

    • Our sensored systems detect when someone has used the facilities so water usage is proportional to how busy the washroom is. Our timed systems periodically flush water through the cistern and urinals. We configure the interval to your exact requirements. Both systems deliver significant cost savings whilst maintaining an essential water flow in the urinal.

    • Our Water Manager Service:

      • Free installation
        All part of the service.
      • Expert advice
        We will advise on the most effective location for each machine and which model you need.
      • Bespoke configuration
        Our engineer will configure the equipment for the exact area or problem that needs to be dealt with.
      • Unlimited support
        In the unlikely event something goes wrong, we will be out to repair or replace your equipment quickly and free of charge.
    • Our Water Manager Systems:

      • Reliable
        We only supply P&L water managers, high quality and very reliable.
      • Fully programmable
        Designed for a wide range of applications.
      • Save Money
        Proven to deliver significant cost savings by reducing water usage.
      • Modern and stylish
        Unlike many of these solutions, our water managers look good in the washroom.
      • Environmentally friendly
        Even water use has an impact on the environment, our service is specifically designed to reduce it as part of our ISO14001 commitment.